Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Borum Heating & Air
Introduction to Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a pivotal aspect of your home environment,...
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Mini-Split HVAC Systems Installation
Mini-split systems offer a flexible and energy-efficient alternative to traditional HVAC systems. These...
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Why a Maintenance Agreement is a Smart Investment for Your HVAC System
Many homeowners might hesitate to commit to a maintenance agreement with a heating and air conditioning...
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Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency
In the heart of winter, a reliable heating system isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity....
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Winter HVAC Care: Essential Tips for Peak Performance
As the winter season unfolds, ensuring your HVAC system is in prime condition is crucial for maintaining...
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Furnace Noises: What to Listen for with Borum Heating & Air in Amelia, VA
You become familiar with its usual sounds when operating your furnace over several winters. So when unusual...
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The Importance of Getting Your Water Heater Inspected and Flushed
Water heaters are often the unsung heroes of our households, working tirelessly behind the scenes to...
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Stay Cool with Borum Heating & Air
When summer's scorching heat arrives, there's nothing quite like the refreshing coolness of an efficiently...
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Why you should have your plumbing inspected
As the winter chill gives way to the refreshing arrival of spring, it’s an opportune time to give...
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Should I get a maintenance plan for my AC?
As a homeowner, one of the most important investments you can make is in the maintenance of your heating...
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