The Importance of Maintenance On Your HVAC System in the Amelia County Area

Many homeowners may be suspicious about signing up for a maintenance agreement with a heating and air-conditioning service company, oftentimes because of the cost. However, a thorough maintenance inspection can provide you with peace of mind that your system has been professionally inspected and serviced.

A maintenance plan for residential equipment is an investment in your home because it could save you money in the long run, should anything happen to your system.

The following are reasons it is important to hire a trained heating and cooling expert to perform maintenance on your system. Borum Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted expert in Amelia County and the surrounding areas.

Be proactive when it comes to problems in your Amelia County home

One of the main reasons to schedule an HVAC maintenance is to avoid unexpected problems. Lack of maintenance can cause bigger problems and more costly repairs. Reducing the risk of emergency breakdowns during peak season gives you peace of mind and comfort.

Increased efficiency in Amelia County

Of course, you want your heating and air conditioning system to run as efficient as possible and routine maintenance can help provide optimum performance.

An optimized system uses less energy to heat or cool your home, which saves you money. Much like a tune-up is needed for your automobile, you want your HVAC system to work at maximum performance with minimal wasted energy.

Increase the lifespan of your heating and air system

A residential heating and air-conditioning system works year round and of course, it will not last forever. Most equipment is designed to last 12 – 15 years. A regimented maintenance plan can help you reach or even exceed that lifespan.

Similarly, getting the oil changed in your vehicle on a regular basis will increase the life of your car’s engine; your HVAC equipment has components which need to be checked on a regular schedule for operational longevity.

Click Here to learn more about Borum Preventative Maintenance Program for your home.

Building rapport with your Local Amelia County HVAC professional

As a homeowner, you should feel comfortable in your own home, as well as, comfortable with your HVAC service provider.

Repeatedly using the same HVAC company for your routine maintenance builds rapport and allows the technician to know your specific needs.  They get to know you, your family, and your comfort needs 🙂

Many service companies offer special discounts to their maintenance plan customers, in exchange for their loyalty.  Learn more about the BENEFITS Here. As a maintenance customer you receive priority service in the event of an emergency, over those without a maintenance plan.

Maintenance plans offer true peace of mind

Routine preventative maintenance cannot eliminate all repairs, but it can provide peace of mind that your equipment is working as efficiently as possible. Most maintenance plans include a multitude of tests, visual inspections, cleaning particular components, and adjusting operational controls to maximize your equipment’s operation.

Borum Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with a maintenance checklist that will instill trust and peace of mind.  Contact us now to learn more!

Borum Heating & Air Conditioning is the “Lead Dog” in Comfort in Amelia County, VA.

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