Furnace Noises: What to Listen for with Borum Heating & Air in Amelia, VA

You become familiar with its usual sounds when operating your furnace over several winters. So when unusual noises crop up, it’s bound to get your attention. While some sounds like brief pops or clicks are benign, others may signal potential damage or health risks. Here are nine noises that suggest it’s time for an immediate furnace check-up.

1. Metallic Scraping

A metal-on-metal sound could hint at issues like a blower wheel loosening or potential damage to the wheel or motor mount. If you encounter this, promptly switch off your furnace and seek expert intervention.

2. Booming at Startup

A loud boom when the furnace starts might be due to dirty burners causing delayed ignition. Continuous booming can damage the heat exchanger – an expensive fix. If you notice this, halt the furnace operations and get it inspected.

3. Squealing or Whining

A piercing squeal usually points to inadequate lubrication. Moving parts need proper oiling for smooth operations. Address this immediately to avoid early furnace breakdowns.

4. Chirping Sounds

It might be adjusting if your furnace chirps during its initial cycles after a long hiatus. The issue could be a misaligned pulley or the mounting plate contacting the blower wheel if it persists. Though not a major safety issue, you’d want a technician to tackle this to stop the noise.

5. Screeching Noises

This is a telltale sign of a deteriorating fan belt. A broken belt can damage other internal components, escalating the repair costs. It’s best to replace the belt as a preventive measure.

6. Prolonged Clicking

A brief sequence of clicks during startup or shutdown is typical. However, if the clicking lasts over a minute, it might indicate electrical problems. Address this swiftly to avert potential fire hazards.

7. Thwapping Sounds

If a thwapping noise becomes more pronounced as the blower operates, something might obstruct the fan. It’s advisable to fix this quickly to prevent any blower motor damage.

8. Rattling Sounds

Multiple reasons can lead to this. Firstly, check for a loose door cover. If the noise continues, the blower motor could be at fault. This should be a signal to act before the situation becomes critical.

9. Whistling or Vibrating

Such sounds could mean a dislodged air intake vent or separated ductwork, leading to air leaks. Addressing these can save you on energy bills in the long term.

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Unsure if the sounds you’re hearing from your furnace match the ones mentioned above? It’s always wise to consult an expert. At Borum Heating & Air, we prioritize emergency furnace repairs, ensuring swift and efficient solutions. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, backed by our comprehensive one-year satisfaction guarantee. If any issues arise within a year of our service, we’ll make it right. For further details or to book a furnace inspection, please contact Borum Heating & Air in Amelia, VA.

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