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You can rest assured knowing that our team will stand by their work and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with us.

Professional Plumbing Services

Borum offers new construction plumbing services that guarantee your plumbing is up and running when you open the door. Our experts have the experience to get it done right and on schedule with other contractors working on your project. You need a plumber you can trust when planning your new residential or light commercial building project, and Borum can outfit you with all the required plumbing, done to or exceeding code. Whether you’re building a new bathroom, kitchen, or a whole new house, you can count on us to provide you with plumbing that is right the first time.

We can also provide small residential plumbing repairs. When you’re looking for a plumber in an emergency situation you don’t want to wonder if you made the right call. At Borum, we only care about providing great plumbing and the best possible customer service with every call.

Don’t take a gamble on something as essential as your property’s plumbing—Count on the true professionals of Borum! We’ve stayed on top of the new technologies in plumbing throughout our history and are ready to provide expert plumbing service.

How Can I Prevent Plumbing Emergencies?

We’ve put together a shortlist of steps you can take to prevent some plumbing emergencies. While there are some issues that are just unavoidable, Borum knows what it takes to get ahead of some of the headaches that come with homeownership.

Know where your shutoff valve is!

It may be too late to completely prevent the plumbing emergency you're experiencing, but knowing where your shutoff valve is located can prevent a lot of costly water damage!

Avoid harsh chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners can be REALLY effective at clearing out clogs—so effective that they can eat through your pipes given enough time. Choose cleaners with less harsh chemicals to protect pipes from damage.

Be careful what you put in your sink

Fats, grease, oils. Things that don't belong in your sink. All of these items thicken and attract other debris in your pipes and can create some pretty nasty clogs.

Maintain your water heater

Draining your water heater tank every year can prevent a buildup of sediment. As the sediment builds up it can put extra strain on your tank and cause it to eventually crack. We perform water heater maintenance!

Borum Also Provides Water Heater Replacement Services

Borum provides water heater installation services in the Amelia, VA area, and helps you maintain a constant supply of hot water whether your project is light commercial or residential. If you need an installation or have problems with your current installation, our technicians are available to provide expert help.

You’ll need to maintain your system and become well aware of potential problems to catch when a hot water heater replacement is needed. With Borum HVAC services, you can avoid suffering from a lack of hot water.

Whether you’re a new light commercial construction client or a residential customer, we’ve got you covered—from site inspection to needs assessment and installation to after-sale services, we can help you source the right water heater for your needs!

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