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Why is my Air Conditioning Freezing Up?

If your exterior air temperature is rising, you’re likely to use your air conditioner. Like all devices, however, your air conditioner can encounter troubles from time to time. One of the problems that may arise is that you find the air conditioning has frozen up. 

If you find that your system has frozen then there may be some simple and cost effective solutions. Here are some common causes for the system to freeze. 

Low Freon

If your system freezes or your air conditioner stops working, it may be low on refrigerant. This is a cooling liquid used in the HVAC system as a refrigerant; it maintains temperate air indoors by utilizing it to cool the air before it is circulated through ducts and vents. But your AC will need an ample supply of this cooling liquid in order for it to function properly. The compressor outside uses this refrigerant to fan cool indoor air.

When there isn’t an adequate volume of refrigerant in an AC unit, the pressure in the system will decline. This will subsequently result in a drop in the temperatures in the evaporator coils, which can easily advance to freezing. When that happens, water vapor can easily attach to these coils and freeze. This is one of the prime factors behind an AC freezing up. After the first layer of ice begins to form the problem will continue to escalate. 

You would think adding more refrigerant would fix the problem, however that may not be the case. In fact, because an AC system is a closed system and low refrigerant often comes from a busted line, a leaking refrigerant leak will be found inside the refrigerant tubing, compressor, or evaporator coil.

Poor Air Flow

Air flow is crucial in a cooling system. If the air flow is insufficient, the system may not function well. If an AC system is iced up, insufficient air flow may be to blame. 

The blower motor and fan move air over the coils in the condenser mechanism so that air can be created. Once your fan ceases to move, cool air may not be pumped through your system. This may then lead to an air conditioner that will not function. To understand what’s going on, inspect your fan and blower motor. If they both are functioning, you may hear rattling noises coming from your air conditioning unit.

Low Power 

On occasions, the issue could be with your house’s electrical system. As air conditioners often use a significant amount of power, sometimes a few system components can be overlooked. As an example, your fan or blower motor might not be getting the power it needs. In that case, an AC unit may freeze up.

Dirty Coils

While ice is something you don’t want in your system, dust is another concern to keep in mind. Typically caused by dirty air filters, dust can accumulate on your AC refrigerant coils. Due to their wet surroundings, these coils can acquire dust with ease. Since dust acts as an insulator, it’s difficult for the cold to escape your coils. This may lead to frost or ice accumulating on your lines inside the system. 

If you notice that your air conditioning system has frozen up or is not working properly then it is important to contact your local Amelia County, VA HVAC professional to have your system inspected and repaired. 

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